Why Your Home & Business Needs Night Vision CCTV

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If you are considering buying a security camera to install outside your home or business, then it’s a safe bet that you would like it to operate at night, as well as during the day. This is why night vision CCTV is an essential part of your home or business security.

After all, night time is when any self-respecting burglar is more likely to operate. During the day, he can easily be spotted. At night, he/she is much safer or so they think.

How can a night vision CCTV system benefit me?

Night vision cctvIf you own a business, it’s recommended that you install a night vision CCTV camera inside your premises so you don’t have to leave the lights on all night. It’s a win-win. A lower electricity bill and 24/7 video footage.

Night vision security cameras offer continuous surveillance and high-resolution images combined with considerable image storage space on a DVR (digital video recorder) as opposed to a videotape.

Most systems permit data storage from multiple cameras to a single DVR. You can opt for continuous footage or take a still shot every five or ten seconds.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when thinking about night vision security cameras. You have options for colour or black and white, outdoor or indoor models, the amount of available light, Lux settings, and more.


Is someone keeping an eye on your business? A CCTV system will deter criminals from targeting your business or identify them if they do.

Black and white OR colour?

Colour cameras are a good option when there is sufficient light available because they allow the identification of the subject’s hair colour, clothing, car and much more. Resolution may be less than black and white, but many colour camera systems have an infra-red cut-off feature in order to provide a night vision solution.

Lux Rating

The Lux rating of a camera actually measures the intensity of light as perceived by the human eye. Most colour cameras have a Lux rating of between one and four, whereas black and white will be considerably lower.

In fact, a black and white camera could have a Lux rating as low as 0.0003. This will give great resolution in dark conditions, and there will be very little “noise” or static. Colour cameras manufactured for poor light conditions are generally considerably more expensive than black and white.

Wired Or Wireless Systems?

Your choice will depend largely on the area you need to cover. Generally, a large area requires a wired system. However, wired systems are more complex and expensive to install.

In contrast, a wireless system is less expensive to install but requires a clear line of sight from the receiver to the transmitter. It can easily be interrupted by the occasional passing rabbit or tree branches waving in the wind.

Another option is an Internet Protocol camera allowing you to connect the system with a router. One obvious advantage is that you can control the system from anywhere you have an internet connection, with a laptop or a smartphone. You can also monitor activity in real time.

Choosing the number of cameras

If you are installing an indoor system, Police will advise that there should be no area left uncovered, as an intruder moves from one camera angle to another.

Quite simply, if he steals an item in between cameras, it won’t be recorded. Obviously more cameras mean greater installation costs. However, our engineers will advise you on the appropriate number of cameras your premises needs.

Another consideration

You really want a night vision CCTV system with as low a Lux rating as possible. The scale goes from full sunlight, which is a rating of as much as 130,000 via twilight, which can have a rating of 10, to a clear night sky with no moon, which has a rating of 0.001. Quite a big difference.

In order to ensure that you get the right night vision system for your purposes, you really need to talk to an expert. As NSI Gold Installers, we can advise you on the perfect night vision security system for your particular situation.


Whether you own a corner shop or a factory, CCTV can help protect you, your staff, your customers and your business. For home purposes, it can deter criminals from targeting your property and record any suspicious activity in the surrounding area.

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