By now, you must have heard about Pokemon Go – the new game that everyone is talking about!

The news has been dominated by the release of the new mobile app, but the media seems to be neglecting the elephant in the room – and that’s the potential security threat to homeowners.

The Run Down – What ‘s the fuss about this game?

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about; ‘Pokemon Go’ is a game that uses the GPS on your mobile device to track your location, displays real life street views of your area and allows you to explore an augmented reality in a mission to catch fictional creatures (Pokemon).

In short, it uses your location to track your whereabouts and your surroundings to create the illusion that you are in the game.

The makers of the game had good intentions, by creating a game that encourages young people to

  • Leave the house and get some exercise while exploring the augmented reality
  • Meet new people along the way that are also playing the game
  • Visit local places/ landmarks that are displayed as ‘Pokestops’ in the game (a place that players can visit and gain bonuses / rewards)

Click here to learn more about the game.

However, there were some unforeseen security risks that are now becoming evident.

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Are Pokemon Go players getting up to mischief outside your home? CCTV allows you to keep a watchful eye 24/7

How Pokemon Go Is Posing A Threat To Homes Across The UK

Earlier we mentioned how buildings in the real world are transformed into places of interest for the players of the game. Here, they can win in-game currency and other bonuses.

But the game selected these buildings at random, turning ordinary people’s homes into ‘Pokestops’.

This has resulted in large groups of people gathering outside people’s homes at all hours of the day and night. As you can probably imagine, this can be quite frightening for people of all ages, especially older homeowners who are unaware of this new app.

There was an article on Facebook about how one man had to call the police because young adults were trespassing on his private property while playing the game and refusing to leave!

It’s easy to see how this could get out of hand and you may end up with a group of rowdy teenagers tormenting you from outside your home…

Protect Yourself & Your Home From Pokemon Go Players!

That rustling in the bushes outside might not be a Pokemon… it could be a player who has taken a step too far and landed on your property without consent.

A home CCTV system allows you to:

  • See who’s outside your property without opening the door

Not expecting a visitor? Check your CCTV footage to see if your visitor really is who they claim to be. Reduce the risk of being a distraction burglary victim.

  • Check on your property remotely by using a mobile app!

View your home CCTV via your smart phone or tablet to get instant peace of mind or simply check on the family pet.

  • Record events that can be used to prosecute criminals

Your CCTV footage could capture footage that helps the police to identify and prosecute criminals!

Home CCTV made easy by Guardian Security & Fire

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