It has come to our attention that many people these days search online for WiFi CCTV systems when looking for a security solution.

But what exactly is WiFi CCTV, and is it the best system to have in your home or business? Let’s find out!wifi cctv camera

What is WiFi CCTV?

What you might refer to as “WiFi CCTV”, we here at Guardian call IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV. 

Put simply, IP CCTV cameras offer high quality images over computer networks. They turn your images into data and then send this through a network or internet connection, allowing you to view these images wherever you can connect to the internet, on any internet-enabled device!

This means you can watch your live or recorded CCTV footage on your computer, mobile device or tablet (such as an iPad).

Because it’s all done over the internet, there’s no need for the cable connections, making your IP CCTV system wireless. So, to answer your question, yes, WiFi CCTV and wireless CCTV are the same thing.

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How does WiFi CCTV (or IP CCTV) work?

Traditional wired CCTV transmits video over a video cable to a monitor or DVR.

On the other hand, a network camera transmits the video data over a digital connection such as:

  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • USB and more.

Everything that enables the camera to transmit images via a network is already built into the camera itself! This is why you don’t need all of the wires.

Wireless IP CCTV cameras work by connecting to your home broadband wireless connection. So you can place a camera anywhere within range of your wireless router.

How far away can I view my IP CCTV camera footage?

If you have had professionals in to set up your CCTV system correctly, you can watch your footage anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can view and record.

So, if you have a holiday home, you can always keep an eye on it when you’re not there.

Can I set up this CCTV system myself?

If you wanted to, you could purchase a few cheap cameras from Maplin and get your mate Steve to come round and set it up for you.

Would we recommend it? DEFINITELY NOT.

We recently wrote a post about the dangers of DIY-ing security jobs and the importance of leaving it to the professionals. Read that post here.

You will find out that, by installing them yourself (or having an unqualified amateur do it), you could be encouraging the one thing you want to prevent – burglary.

Would you know the correct angle to set your cameras at to capture the most footage, or how to access your system from your mobile phone so you can view footage on the go?


The most common objection against having professionals come to your home and install security cameras is that it’s “too expensive”.

In an age of ever growing and evolving technology, this just isn’t the case. A professionally fitted CCTV system isn’t as expensive as you’d think.

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