CCTV Identifies Kent Burglar

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CCTVFollowing on from our Guide For Beating A Burglar, a recent case in a Kent seaside town illustrates the value of having CCTV installed.

Just simply having a camera installed will often deter the criminal, but in this case the attacker was bolder than some.

The importance of a home CCTV system

A young lady of 26, who as a result of having been in a brutal relationship for 2½ years, now suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia and lives alone in a row of cottages.

One morning at around 2.00 am a large flower pot was thrown through her front window. As luck would have it, she was staying with a friend overnight, but when the discovery was made it shocked her nonetheless. She could think of no reason why anyone would do this.

Police were called and a couple of days later an officer came to take a statement. Since the police could offer no further advice or help, Sarah (not her real name) decided to install a CCTV camera.

A couple of nights later there was an identical attack. Unfortunately, it turned out that Sarah hadn’t configured her laptop correctly with the camera and no footage was obtained. Police called and took another statement.

CCTV Identifies Kent burglar because of his rookie mistake!

Nothing further happened until the following weekend when a window box was hurled at the window but failed to break the glass. On this occasion the camera functioned perfectly, but showed that the assailant had a plastic bag over his head in order that he could not be identified!

Unfortunately for him, he made a basic mistake. The weather had been quite hot, and even at two in the morning was still warm. The attacker was dressed in only jeans and a t-shirt which left his arms bare showing tattoos which were identifiable.

Police were called again and took another statement.

The following weekend, a further attack occurred, but a little earlier at 1.15 am. The attacker again had a bag over his head. On this occasion a neighbour came out into the street to see a rather drunken individual swearing and shouting before running off into the night. The neighbour was able to give a good description and Police took another statement from Sarah.

At this point, a friend of Sarah’s decided that enough was enough and made a formal complaint about the lack of police protection direct to the Chief Constable of Kent. An Inspector from the local force was detailed to attend to the matter.

Meanwhile, the Police had made some enquiries of neighbours and it transpired that the suspect frequented a local pub. Police also deployed a patrol for two hours on the Saturday and Sunday mornings and no further incidents occurred.

It transpired that the suspect worked away during the week, which is consistent with the attacks only occurring at weekends. However, the Police now know who he is and where he lives and will make an arrest as soon as he returns home.

None of this would have been possible without the CCTV footage clearly identifying tattoos on the suspect’s arms. Keep up with the latest news via the Kent Police Local News Page

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