On August 29th, Ashford fire station welcomed guests of a different kind as charity The Guide Dogs brought in ten puppies for some training.

Puppy walkers and guide dog trainers from across Ashford took their four legged friends to the Henwood site to experience the sights, sounds and smells they may come across during their day-to-day life as a service dog.

Ashford Fire Station Welcomes Furry Friends

The busy Ashford fire station provided some excellent situation and sensory training for the puppies who will go on to care for their visually impaired owners.

Some of the things the pups experienced were:

  1. The sound of sirens
  2. The surfaces around the fire station
  3. Using different staircases both inside and outside
  4. Meeting the Ashford firefighters in their full firefighting kit and breathing apparatus
  5. Entering the dark fire training facilities and the smell of smoke

The fluffy visitors to Ashford fire station come every six months as part of the ongoing training programme, and have done for the last couple of years. It is said that a similar programme is about to start in North and East Kent in the coming months.

Monitored Fire Alarm Systems Save Pet’s Lives

As part of their training, these guide dogs may learn about how to react in the case of a fire alarm.

Fortunately, Guardian offer monitored smoke detectors that can integrate with your pet friendly burglar alarm system to make the procedure easier and less manic for your guide dog.

For more information, read our last post A Monitored Fire Alarm System Could Save Your Pet’s Life In A Fire!!!

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