Kent Fire And Rescue Services  recently shared a video on their YouTube channel about their new pet oxygen masks.

Danny Barrett, a KFRS Watch Manager in Sevenoaks, explained that hours after receiving the new pet-friendly equipment, they were called out to attend an accidental house fire where he was able to save a dog’s life…

Kent Fire And Rescue Services Are Dedicated To Saving Furry Lives

The pet friendly oxygen mask was donated by the Duke of Kent on the Queen’s birthday, which Barrett says was a very memorable day.

The pet-friendly masks allow fire fighters to give oxygen to animals in the correct way, instead of using a full sized human mask which is less effective.

With these new pet masks, KFRS will be able to save many more furry friends!

A Monitored Fire Alarm System Can Save Your Pets Faster And Prevent Injury

Barrett explained that an early call is essential to ensure that they can leave as quickly as possible and attend the burning house.

He also said that, had the neighbour called a few minutes later, the dog would have unfortunately died because the smoke had already reached ground level.

The take home point here is, in this day and age, we cannot rely on our neighbours being good Samaritans. Especially with false alarms desensitising people, so when an alarm goes off for real, it gets ignored… because no one can tell the difference.

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Protect your family and pets from accidental household fires by safeguarding your home with a monitored fire alarm system.

Fortunately, Guardian offer monitored smoke detectors that can integrate with your pet friendly burglar alarm system!

This means that, in the case of an accidental house fire when you are out, your smoke detectors will trigger an alert at our NSI Gold monitoring station, who can then contact the Fire Brigade.

You can then rest assured knowing that your home is always being monitored by someone with direct emergency service contact, whether you’re at the supermarket or on holiday.

For more tips on how to prevent accidental house fires and keep your four legged friends safe, read “How To Keep Your Pets Safe From House Fires”.

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