Keep an eye on family and deter away crime with the installation of a home CCTV system

We install home CCTV systems that protect your home from theft, intrusion and vandalism.

Home surveillance systems

Home CCTV systems from Guardian

With hundreds of burglaries every day, the need for vigilant security is paramount. Working across Kent, we install state-of-the-art home CCTV systems that are proven to deter away criminal activity. Our home CCTV systems also provide you with valuable evidence should an incident occur.


What makes Guardian Security different?

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Monitor what matters most with home CCTV

CCTV is the number one deterrent no matter where it has been installed. We utilise the latest in home CCTV technology to protect your home and deter away unwanted crime.

Thousands of homeowners across Kent rely on us to ensure their family, home and possessions are safe and secure. You only have to look at a handful of our reviews to see why we are the go-to security company for home CCTV.

View your footage from your phone
Simple and easy to use
Around the clock surveillance

Keep a closer eye on your home with CCTV


Key benefits of installing a Home CCTV system

Valuable evidence

The footage captured from your system will act as valuable evidence if it was to go to court.

Remote Monitoring

Our home CCTV systems allow you to view footage from your smartphone.

Peace of mind

Our home CCTV systems provide you with peace of mind that your home is secure.

Deters away crime

A Home CCTV system is proven to deter away any unwanted criminals from your home.

Types of home CCTV systems we install

We offer a range of different home CCTV systems to suit different households’ needs.

Night vision CCTV
IP or WIFI enabled home CCTV
Covert cameras
Wireless home CCTV systems

Following a call, we can meet and discuss with you which of these systems would be most beneficial to you.

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Remote monitoring capabilities

Our home CCTV systems can be set up with remote viewing which means you can view your footage from anywhere and at any time with your smartphone.

This would be beneficial for parents working and they want to make sure their kids have got home safely from school.

We are here to help you 24-hours a day

Our friendly and helpful team are ready to take your call and assist your further with any questions about home CCTV that you may have.