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Our homes should be the most relaxed and secure places in our lives. They are filled with our most precious and irreplaceable things, from our families to our jewellery and our photo albums.

Guardian Security in Canterbury can help you to protect not only the material items in your life but also that sense of safety that is irreversibly destroyed if someone breaks into your home.

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We have installed burglar alarms in thousands of homes across London, Kent and the South East over the last 25 years.  This is an excellent first line of defence, especially when the alarm is monitored, meaning it calls our Alarm Receiving centre when activated.  This guarantees a response.  Read more about monitored alarms in our News section.  We have an article on Why Have a Monitored Alarm and also Monitoring Options Explained.

More and more we are now installing CCTV into homes.  CCTV is an excellent deterrent and is becoming more and more affordable.  We can also set it up so you can view your CCTV on your iPhone or other smart phone.  This is great for pet owners as well as for pure security reasons.

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“84% of burglars avoid properties with a burglar alarm.”

Source: Home Office


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