Last year, we wrote about Money Supermarket’s most burgled towns in Britain. This year they continue to reveal burglary hotspot locations… along with some questionable tips about home security cameras.

Money Supermarket’s Burglary Hotspot List

This page on Money Supermarket allows you to:

  • Enter your postcode
  • Find out whether your area is considered to be a burglary hotspot
  • Find out the  % chance of being burgled
  • See, out of 2216 UK postcode areas, how likely is a home in your area to put in a burglary insurance claim?

Further down the page, there is a video that explains “5 ways to lower the risk of burglary” and all of the tips in the video are fantastic.

Apart from one – Using dummy home security cameras to deter burglars from targeting your home.

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A CCTV system will deter criminals from targeting your home, or identify them if they do.

This is why you should avoid using fake home security cameras – AT ALL COSTS.

Many people buy CCTV cameras from Maplin or B&Q and stick them up outside their house, without connecting them to a home security system, in a cheap attempt to ward off burglars.

But little do they know that they could actually be provoking the one thing that they’re trying to avoid.

CCTVYou see, seasoned burglars, like the Hatton Garden Safe Raiders, know security systems inside out. Criminals like these study all there is to know about home security cameras so they know which angles they need to avoid to go undetected.

Now, we’re not saying your average neighbourhood burglar is going to be an experienced professional! But most burglars are smart enough to tell whether a CCTV camera is hooked up to a system.

For instance, he might notice that the wiring is off or there’s never a light on. This instantly gives your little plan away.

Then, when he realises that your home is risk-free and DOES burgle it – you won’t have any footage!

Let The Professionals Install Your Home Security Cameras

Even if you do intend to use a fully functioning system, this is a job you should leave to the professionals.

Granted, it’s cheaper to buy some average quality cameras and stick them up yourself, but do you have the professional experience to know:

  • The correct height to place the cameras
  • What type of CCTV system is best for your home
  • The best angle / position for maximum coverage
  • The rules and regulations for setting up CCTV cameras around your property
  • Or the most aesthetically pleasing set-up for your home

Not having the expertise means you could be up and down a ladder fitting your cameras and fixing the wiring 10 times! A professional will get the job done properly the first time round.

Guardian – Keeping A Watchful Eye 24/7

Guardian have been installing and maintaining home security systems for over 25 years and our NSI Gold status means that we provide quality products for the best price.

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