Below is a YouTube video that shows an elderly pensioner, Margaret Woodward, asleep in her living room. Little does she know that there is a criminal snooping through her belongings just a few feet away…

This is why we have security measures, such as house alarm systems, to ensure that you are aware of an unwanted presence in your home!

The Story Behind The Video

After Margaret Woodward’s flat was broken into and burgled several times, police installed hidden cameras to find out who the culprit was. They saw Patrick Reid break into her living room as she was sleeping in an armchair, then creep around looking for belongings to steal.

Much to the burglar’s surprise, the 68-year-old woke up during the burglary. But rather than being intimidated, she chased the thief away with her walking stick.

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You definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep through a burglar alarm. Safeguard your home so you don’t suffer the same fate as Mrs Woodward!

Reid, 51, jumped through the window of the ground-floor flat in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, but shortly after was captured by police.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the surveillance footage.

Mrs Woodward was awarded for her ‘pluck and courage’ in confronting the repeat offender, who targeted her no fewer than five times.

Reid stole a total of £900 from Mrs Woodward over the course of a year!

Why Didn’t Anyone Mention House Alarm Systems?

However, from a security provider’s point of view, we are questioning why Mrs Woodward wasn’t informed about an intruder alarm…

You may be thinking “But if she was in her living room, her burglar alarm wouldn’t have been set anyway!”

Modern home alarm systems allow homeowners to pick and choose which parts of their home they wish to activate the alarm in. For instance, you can set the alarm so the sensors are active in the back conservatory whilst you are in the living room at the front of the house.

Mrs Woodward could have set the alarm for the rest of her flat whilst she relaxed in her living room and would have been instantly alerted when Reid forced his way in through a window.

It is almost a certainty that the alarm noise would have sent Reid running for the hills!

Home Alarm Systems From Guardian Security

Don’t be a victim like Mrs Woodward. Safeguard your home.

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