When it comes to intercom systems for home security, you might think of a grubby old box outside your home or block of apartments. Well, believe it or not, a Guardian security system can blend security and style to give you modern, sleek intercom systems that only add to the aesthetics of your home.

Our previous post on the subject outlined the vast amount of benefits an intercom system can have, not only from a security standpoint, but also for a luxury lifestyle! As well as the impact they can have on the elderly who can’t move around their homes with ease.

Today, we’re focusing on those who object to such an essential security measure in the name of fashion!

You’ve probably visited a block of flats, or an old house conversion, and been faced with a dreary intercom system that’s missing some buttons and housing a family of spiders. Old and neglected systems like that don’t do the home intercom system’s reputation any favours.

It’s things like this that put people off having them installed in their home because, despite the security benefits, they think it’ll look ugly.

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Is that door-to-door salesman really who he says he is?

Modern & Stylish Intercom Systems For Home Use

Here at Guardian, we only supply top quality, stylish intercom systems for home security purposes.


  • Our intercom and access control systems are reliable
  • They are easy for younger and older, less computer-able users
  • They are fantastic quality

The picture below is an example of what your home intercom system could look like. This isn’t the only home intercom system we offer. In fact, there is a model for every home, no matter what your budget or layout is!

door entry system with phone

Take for instance this handset model. It’s white, clean and will definitely go in your modern ‘IKEA’ home! It’s not big, dark and clunky like you’d imagine.

Not to mention the video feature that allows you not only to hear who’s at the door, but to see and actually confirm your visitors are who they say they are.

This is especially handy in the fight against distraction burglary, where criminals impersonate salesmen and charity workers – but have a more sinister motive.

What Would Your Home Intercom System Look Like From The Outside?

Here is what the keypad would look like on the outside of your home:

intercom systems for home

This is the device that is fitted outside your front door, or the main gate of an apartment block, that people use to “buzz” and see if you’re in.

As you can see, it comes in two colours; a dark gunmetal or a light silver. You can decide on which one you’d like depending on the colour of your walls.

The button at the bottom with the bell icon is the button people press, as they would a door-bell, which alerts your system inside.

There’s a keypad that enables people to key in your apartment or flat number before buzzing in. This means a system like this is suitable for a house conversion with two flats or even a 10 story building!

The small and discrete camera at the top shows live footage of who’s outside and is shown on the handset within the property.

The Benefits Of A Home Intercom System

As you can see, modern intercom systems for home security are actually quite sleek looking!

Not to mention, before you open the door you can:

  • See who is outside
  • Verify that your visitor is who they say they are
  • Check corporate ID badges
  • Do all of this without leaving the comfort of your living room!

When you live on a top floor flat, running up and down the stairs to let your visitors in can be a chore. Imagine a life of luxury, where you can let people into your home without having to move from the sofa!

You don’t have to have your handset on the wall, you could have it on the coffee table in the lounge so you never have to miss the best bit of your tv shows ever again!

Alternatively, elderly residents might wish to keep their video intercom system next to their bed if they are unwell and unable to move around freely.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too late…

All too often we are contacted after an innocent family has been traumatised by an attempted burglary or other experience that could have been prevented with an intercom system.

Trust your gut instinct. The next time you’re home alone and the doorbell goes at 10:30pm, don’t take the risk. Make sure you know who’s lurking outside your home.

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