We often get asked if wireless security cameras will interfere with your internet connection. The simple answer is yes, and for a few reasons.

Keep reading for the solution to this problem.

Can wireless security cameras interrupt my WiFi connection?

Wireless security cameras depend on your router to send the video data from the built-in transmitter to a receiver instead of through a wire. Sometimes they can interfere with your internet connection speed, and here’s how:

Think about how many devices in your home require an internet connection:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops / Pcs
  • Gaming consoles

Now think about how many of those devices are using the internet connection at one time. Each device is fighting for the connection!

When you add another item into the mix, your wireless security cameras, your broadband has to slash a portion of the internet connectivity speed from the other devices to allow a connection to the new device. Without a doubt, this will cause issues at some stage.

This is a nuisance for anyone, but especially those who rely on an internet connection to get their latest Game Of Thrones fix. It’s becoming more popular for people to use streaming sites, such as Netflix or LoveFilm, instead of conventional cable/terrestrial TV.

Of course, you would always upgrade your broadband package to allow a wider coverage and faster connection speed – but that’s even more money and there’s no guarantee that upgrading will prevent issues in the future.

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A CCTV system will deter criminals from targeting your home, or identify them if they do.

Although the name Wireless suggests that the cameras are cordless, they still need a power source and, therefore, still need to be wired for the camera itself to work. The Wireless part only describes the method by which the camera transmits the data to the receiver.

So, after the trouble of wiring the camera to a power source so it can actually capture footage, you may as well have had a wired system to begin with!

Wireless systems are generally more expensive, but the most expensive option isn’t always the best one – in this instance anyway!

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Why Guardian Prefer Wired Alarm Systems

When we get enquires about wireless security cameras, it is our duty to inform you of the potential risks:

  • Your internet connection will be compromised
  • If your router stops working, so do your cameras
  • A power cut means your cameras cannot function to secure your home
  • We still have to do wiring to connect the wireless camera to a power source

Wired CCTV Cameras DON’T affect your WiFi

If you want to eliminate the risk of potential internet connectivity issues, your best option is to go with a wired CCTV system instead.

A wired system doesn’t depend on WiFi at all. As the name suggests, the video data can be transmitted to the receiver through the wires.

Not to mention, your home will still be covered by your wired system when your router goes down, and even in a power cut as long as there is a back-up battery!

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