The video below has been circulating in the news recently, showcasing the devastating effects of an accidental household fire. As a security company, it fills us with horror because these events could have been prevented with a reliable mains heat detector.

The video shows a Russian family who were forced to jump from their 3rd storey apartment to escape a fiery doom.

Click here to watch the video.

The video contains some upsetting images.

It’s sad to think that this situation could have been completely avoided. This family will have lost everything in their home and the fire could have spread quickly to neighbouring apartments.

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Protect your family from accidental household fires by safeguarding your home with a smoke detector.

A Landlord’s responsibility to install a mains heat detector

In reality, the landlord of this apartment complex should have invested in a quality mains heat detector that would have:

  • triggered a loud alarm to alert the family that there was a fire in their apartment
  • tripped the alarms in the communal areas to alert all other residents in the building
  • signalled to all residents that they need to evacuate the building as soon as possible
  • sent signals to the security company who monitor and maintain the system
  • alerted the authorities who could have arrived quicker to ensure less damage was done

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