What Is A Mains Heat Detector & Why Does Your Business Need One?

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Many people are confused about the difference between a mains heat detector and a smoke detector. Well, the answer is in the name of the product. One picks up on smoke and the other in a rapid increase of heat.

However, why would you need a heat detector if you have a smoke detector?

The answer lies in the place in which you would use them. In kitchens and garages for instance, there is often a lot of smoke, so if you install a smoke detector in the office kitchen, you are going to get a lot of false alarms simply as a result of some burnt toast. This can be a real disadvantage for commercial garages and kitchens.

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Mains Heat Detector

Better To Install A Mains Heat Detector

In these circumstances, it is far better to install a mains heat detector which won’t be set off every time a customer wants their steak well done. Most mains heat detectors also come with a battery back-up so that the alarm will still be triggered if there is a power outage.

Of course, the same thing applies to places such as garages, not just in the home, but auto repair workshops and engineering factories where engines are constantly running and creating a lot of smoke.

Mains Heat Detectors For Businesses

Safeguard your business and reduce false alarms in your workplace.

Low Battery Warning

Most mains heat detectors with battery back-up have a low battery warning “chirp” and many can be interconnected with other alarms in the building.

Batteries may be either alkaline or long life lithium, which tends to be a little more expensive. Even so, most of them retail for less than £50 including VAT, so are a useful addition to any early warning armoury.

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