It’s Valentine’s day. You’re at home enjoying champagne and chocolate with your partner, when suddenly an armed burglar has a gun to your head and a knife to your back. Perhaps after reading this news story you will understand just how important a house alarm is…

My Bloody Valentine

On February 14th 2014, a London couple were enjoying a romantic evening at home when suddenly their evening took a dramatic turn.

Armed with a handgun and a knife, Ronald Moore and Barry Powell forced their way into the house on Wycombe Road, Preston (London)

They forced the panicked couple upstairs where they were threatened violently in front of their children.

home alarm to prevent burglary

The pair stole car keys, mobile phones and £3,000 worth of gold jewellery and left the home immediately.

After the police were called, both suspects were caught and eventually jailed.

The items taken can be replaced. But the paranoia and other mental side effects will always remain.

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By failing to secure your home, you are essentially welcoming in the nearby criminals. Don’t be a victim, safeguard your home with a burglar alarm.

Burglar VS House Alarm – Selective Sensor Setting

You may be wondering how a house alarm could have saved the day, considering the couple were awake and the alarm wouldn’t have been set.

Well, a visible bell box is usually enough to put any burglar off. Especially considering the advanced features most modern alarm systems contain.

Did you know that you can set the alarm for specific rooms of the house, and leave others unset so you are free to roam around?

For instance, if the kids are in bed and you are watching a film with your partner in the lounge, you can set the alarm for the sensor by the front door.

Alternatively, if your front door leads in to your living room, you can set the house alarm sensors by the back door or conservatory, where a burglar is most likely to sneak in when you’re up.

At least by doing this you are adding some level of security to your home instead of leaving it defenceless – like the London family above did.

The Authorities Could Have Been Alerted

Modern alarm systems can be remotely monitored by the police. This means that, once the alarm is tripped, a signal is sent to the police.

Usually the police will attempt to contact you to ensure that it isn’t a false alarm before sending their officers out.

This gives you the chance to explain that someone actually DID attempt to break into your home so the police can send officers round immediately.

However, if the burglar from the story above was brave enough to disregard the alarm sound, force his way in, and hold you hostage, the police would be sent immediately after receiving no response from their phone call.

When Home Invasion Devastates Lives

It’s all too common for us to be contacted by homeowners when it’s too late.

It took being burgled, having their homes ripped apart and their sense of safety stripped from them to enquire about a burglar alarm.

And for what?

To save a few quid? Or just plain ignorance that it is possible to secure your home?

Fact: Having a home alarm actually saves you money on your insurance!

Professional House Alarm Installation

Protect your home and your family with a home burglar alarm.

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