A front door entry system is a great way to protect your home from unwanted visitors and Landlords, in particular, can take advantage of having them installed within their properties.

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With the large amount of new apartment blocks going up in the city, and Boris’s New Home Scheme, new homeowners and landlords might consider an entry system to provide an extra layer of security for tenants.

A Front Door Entry System Offers A New Level Of Security

And it’s not just big blocks of apartments that benefit from access control, they can also help tenants in smaller properties like old house conversions.

In this day and age, you never know who’s at the door. Just because they’re in an RSPCA uniform doesn’t actually mean they are visiting for some kind-hearted charity work.

Instead, this could be a distraction burglar in disguise.

‘Distraction burglar’ is the name given to highly intelligent criminals who work in teams to distract you while they silently raid your house.

The way it works is one person will impersonate a surveyor or charity worker to draw you to the door or out of your home. Meanwhile, their mates have broken in quietly through the back door and are raiding your home.

A front door entry system can prevent these situations because, now you can ask the supposed professional to show some sort of ID to the camera, rather than dragging you to the front door whilst their mates creep in round the back.

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See who’s at the door from the comfort and safety of your sofa.

Open The Door Without Missing The Best Part Of Your TV Programme

In addition to the security benefits, imagine the luxury of being able to answer the door without having to leave the room!

You can have your answering station in the living room! So, when the door bell rings and you are alerted, you can check who it is and then buzz them up without having to stop what you’re doing.

This is especially great for second floor tenants that now no longer have to run up and down the stairs to let people in!

There are many types of door entry system designed to suit the needs and budgets of different homes. For instance:

  • Telephone door entry system (no video means it is a cheaper option)
  • Video door entry systems (more expensive but better features)
  • Key pad door entry systems (require a code that is entered by the visitor)
  • Buzzer front door entry systems (let people in with the push of a button)

Although the systems listed above have different features, all of them work on the same access control basis. Whether you have a less expensive intercom system, or a more expensive one with a camera, they still contain the “buzzer” that unlocks the door and lets your visitors in downstairs.

Modern Technology Comes With Advanced Features

If you’re not already sold on the idea of a front door entry system, how about this:

You can even log into your system via a PC and set up personalised times where the door can be unlocked.

For example, and elderly man who is very ill and fragile has a carer who comes to help him at 9am every morning.

Well, no he doesn’t have to hobble to the door every day, he (or a relative) can disable the door entry system for 5-10 minutes every day at 9am.

This means his carer has a short window to get into the home by themselves – providing they are on time!

Be cautious of the time you leave your door entry system unlocked, as anyone else could wander straight in.

On the other hand, larger properties with more floors such as apartment blocks usually have a Tradesman button. Once set up correctly, this allows anyone who presses that button to enter between certain hours of the day.

Front Door Entry Systems By Guardian

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