When it comes to home security, a door intercom system is usually the last thing someone thinks of after CCTV and burglar alarms.

Why? because people assume the only time an intercom might come in handy is in a large apartment block or shared building.


Read on and discover some horrific news stories that could have been prevented with a door intercom system.

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See who’s at the door from the comfort and safety of your home.

Scarred for life by an acid attack

This ITV news story was recorded back in 2013, but that doesn’t make it any less stomach-turning.

A young woman from Romford, London, has been mutilated for life after an attacker at her doorstep threw acid in her face.

It is believed that Tara, who was 28 at the time of the attack, answered her door shortly before 9:00pm on the 30th April 2013.

Upon answering the door, the man asked Tara if she was called “Michelle”. She answered no, the man left, and Tara closed the door.

Soon after, the doorbell rang again. He had returned.

As soon as Tara opened the door, the stranger squirted acid in her face!

The victim managed to slam the door shut amidst her agony and washed her face with water. She called an ambulance soon after, but sadly, she obtained burns that scarred the majority of her face, neck and shoulders for life.

door intercom system with phone

How this story SHOULD have ended:

This horrific story wouldn’t have been in the news if Tara had a door intercom system.

Why? Because she wouldn’t have answered the door in the first place! The stranger would have had to press a button on the intercom system that ‘buzzes’ in Tara’s house.

Then, when the strange man asked for Michelle, Tara would have explained that no one of that name lived there and asked that the man leave.

Upon his return, she would have been able to look at the CCTV footage on her entry system and identify the mysterious substance in his hand that he didn’t have before.

All the while she is safe and sound in the comfort of her home.

The Romford slasher

Similar to the story above, this too takes place in Romford, London.

On Thursday October 13th, 2015, Police were called to a 40 year old man’s house after he was slashed across the face with a knife on his doorstep.

The suspect was said to have knocked on the victim’s door and asked for him by name, before launching into the attack and slicing the home-owner’s face open.

The victim, who claimed to have no connection to the attacker, was rushed into East London hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

No arrests have been announced publicly and a Metropolitan Police spokesperson says the motive behind the attack is still unknown.

How the story SHOULD have ended:

Again. This man wouldn’t be suffering with severe injuries if he had a door intercom system.

He would have been able to:

  • Identify that the stranger was carrying a weapon and call the police without answering the door and exposing himself to an attack.
  • Identify that he did not know the stranger and find out the stranger’s business from the safety of his home.

Crime isn’t going to stop. But you can reduce the chance of being targeted…

Unfortunately, these dreadful events are not going to stop. Crime is real and, as much as you think this will never happen to you, you are at risk of an attack so long as you don’t have a door intercom system.

Burglar alarms can deter criminals from targeting your home or alert the police if they do, but nothing can protect you once you open your door to a stranger.

We’re not trying to fear-monger you into thinking everyone who knocks at your door is going to kill you! But should you be unlucky, you should be prepared with the right equipment.

These systems not only help you to protect yourself from strangers – they have a whole list of benefits for younger and older residents. You can learn more about those benefits here.

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