Monitored Alarm Systems (& Why You Need One)

Why monitored alarm systems are so important

All alarm systems can be broken down into two basic types, audible only and monitored.

A monitored business or home alarm system guarantees a response to any activation and can be dealt with according to the procedures you put in place.

Audible only alarms rely on good Samaritans taking action when they hear an alarm going off.

There are different levels of security monitoring from very basic all the way up to directly contacting the Police.  Read our post on Alarm Monitoring Options Explained for more information on this.  Our highly experienced surveyors will be able to recommend the best monitoring options for your needs and budget.

Advantages of monitored alarms

  • If activated, the alarm will call our 24 hr NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre.  The operator at this monitor station will then call your nominated list of keyholders to let them know what has happened.
  • A monitored burglar alarm with a police reference number can receive a police response.
  • Once the alarm is set off the response is actioned and cannot be disabled, even if the ringing can be.
  • Monitored home or business alarm systems are never ignored.
  • Add smoke detection to the system and a monitored alarm will also alert our receiving centre in the event of a fire.  These must be acted upon quickly to prevent serious damage or worse.
  • Fire alarm monitoring can be set up to call the fire brigade.
  • Monitored systems can lead to lower home and business insurance premiums.

CCTV & fire alarm monitoring

Our monitoring services don’t stop at intruder alarms, we can also integrate your home CCTV system and smoke detectors into your intruder alarm, so that all three can be monitored for ultimate reassurance.

This means that if your fire alarm system detects smoke and you are not at home, the monitoring centre can alert the Fire Brigade who will go to your home, whether you’re at the supermarket or on holiday.

Additionally, some people may prefer a monitored CCTV system so that they don’t have to keep an eye on it themselves and they can rest assured knowing that somebody with instant police access is watching over their home.

Our burglar alarm, CCTV and fire alarm monitoring is all provided by our NSI Gold approved monitoring centre, offering the highest quality and most reliable service to keep your home and family safe at all times.

Can you afford not to have alarm monitoring?

Given the relatively small additional annual charge, the benefits of having a business or home monitoring system far outweigh the costs.  In a lot of instances this cost can be offset against a reduction in your insurance premium.

Either way a monitored alarm is never ignored and the potential damage inflicted severely reduced by the guaranteed response it offers.  It’s 100% peace of mind.

Please note: If you want a police response, your alarm system must be maintained by a company with a police recommended accreditation such as NSI Gold.

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