If you’ve landed on this page, it probably means you want to know the added benefits of a night vision camera over a regular CCTV camera that only records clear footage during daylight hours.

Perhaps now you’re looking to buy a few cameras online for £40 and install them yourself to save a few quid? But a lack of professional experience could result in the very thing you’re trying to prevent: burglary.

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A CCTV system will deter criminals from targeting your home, or identify them if they do.

Why can’t I just install my own night vision camera?

We know what you’re probably thinking. It’s going to be cheaper to buy a few middle-of-the-road quality cameras online and set it up yourself.

But even with a tech-savvy background, would you know:

  • The most effective positioning for maximum coverage
  • The correct height to place a night vision camera
  • The rules and regulations for installing CCTV around your property
  • The most aesthetically pleasing set up for your home

Ah, there’s a bit more to consider than just sticking a few cameras on your house and clicking record.

Rules And Regulations – Data Protection Act?

So, let’s start with the most daunting thing in that list: The fact that there are laws regarding CCTV.

Night vision camera fox

Although installing cameras around your domestic property is perfectly legal, you can run into problems if anything other than your property is being watched. This could include your neighbour’s house, driveway or car registration plate, even if it’s only partially in view.

Professionals know this, and that’s why they are very particular about the placement of night vision cameras.

CCTV regulations for commercial properties is a whole different story, which significantly stricter guidelines. You can read more about commercial regulations here.

Can A Burglar Tell If I Have Installed My Own CCTV – What Does This Mean?

Most likely, yes. Burglars are very clued up on home security, even though this is the very thing they avoid.

Seasoned criminals, like the Hatton Garden Safe Raiders, will have studied the property’s security layout for days, if not weeks before making a move.

Although the easiest option for a burglar is to target homes without sufficient security measures, if he can find a way to sneak past your camera undetected, he will.

This is why it is imperative to get the professionals in to install your cameras. We’ve been installing security systems for over 25 years and, if anyone knows the most effective placement for a night vision camera, it’s us!

This correct angle is just as important as the correct height. Imagine that your home was in fact a victim of a burglary and you had to show the footage to the police so the suspect could be identified and prosecuted…

There’s just one tiny problem. He can’t be identified because his head and shoulders have been cut out of the shot due to poor placement.

Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

It’s a prime time for burglars. Christmas has been and gone and, after keeping the packaging and guarantees in case of emergency, people are throwing out their big gift packaging.

People often keep the packaging for more expensive gifts such as games consoles and TVs in case the product is faulty or breaks in the short period after Christmas. This way, the items can be packaged up and returned without a hassle.

When people know that they are keeping the products for good, they don’t think twice about chucking all the cardboard boxes out the front for the bin men to break down and take.

But before the bin men take them away, who else is taking a peek?

By throwing the packaging outside your house, you’re essentially giving a burglar a shopping list of what’s inside your home. He can see that you have a brand new PS4 and 50″ flat screen TV. This house is now at the top of his list because there’s a guaranteed reward inside.

Guardian – We Get The Job Done, Right.

The most common objection against having professionals come to your home and install night vision cameras is that it’s “too expensive”.

In an age of ever growing and evolving technology, this just isn’t the case. A professionally fitted CCTV system isn’t as expensive as you’d think.

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