As part of a scheme to educate people on the importance of home security, the Police in Kent have set up a showroom in the busy shopping centre, Bluewater.

The showroom consists of an immaculately presented family living room, kitchen and study, with a room at the back for visitors to discreetly discuss sensitive topics or report an offence.

The installations will ‘allow you to experience first-hand how you can protect yourself and your family from becoming a victim of crime and demonstrate the growing changes that technology has on our security – whether that’s in the real world or online.

It’s kitted out with a top of the range games console to both entertain children, while police officers help their parents, and to educate them on the security risks of online gaming.

The police force put £8,500 towards this project, with Bluewater covering the rest of the costs involved in setting up the space but the great news is that it’s free to use for the public.

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By failing to secure your home, you are essentially welcoming in the nearby criminals. Don’t be a victim, safeguard your home with a burglar alarm.

It’s currently unknown as to how long this project will last, so make sure you visit soon to ensure you get the quality advice on home security products being given.

We are thrilled that local attractions, such as shopping centres, are investing in schemes to educate people on the importance of home security and we’re excited to see if the Police in Kent open their Safer Home Experience anywhere else!

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