“33% of Britons ignore ringing home alarms.”  Source: Zurich Insurance & BBC report

 All alarm systems can be broken down into two basic types, audible only and monitored.

Attempting not to state the obvious an audible only system makes a loud noise but nothing more.  A monitored system makes a loud noise but will also contact a 24hr monitoring station, alerting the operator and ensuring action is taken.

There are different levels of monitoring from very basic all the way up to directly contacting the Police.  Read ‘Alarm Monitoring Options Explained’ for more information on this.

Below we try to give a little more detail on the two main types of system, their pros and cons.



  1. They are the cheapest to run as monitoring isn’t free
  2. They still act as a visual and audible deterrent
  3. From the outside intruders don’t know if the system is monitored or not


  1. A significant percentage of burglaries have an element of insider information so intruders know the system is not monitored
  2. It relies on someone hearing the alarm and, more importantly, doing something about it!
  3. It can be disabled and once disabled there is no back up



  1. If activated, the alarm will call our 24 hr NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre.  The operator will then call your nominated list of keyholders to let them know what has happened.
  2. A monitored system with a police reference number can receive a police response.
  3. Once the alarm is set off the response is actioned and cannot be disabled, even if the ringing can be.
  4. Monitored systems are never ignored.
  5. Monitored systems can lead to lower home and business insurance premiums.


  1. More expensive to run as the monitoring comes with a charge.



 For a relatively small extra cost per year the benefits of having your alarm system monitored far outweigh the costs.  In some instances this cost can be offset against a reduction in your insurance premium.  Either way a monitored alarm is never ignored and the potential damage inflicted severely reduced by the guaranteed response it offers.  For those without appropriate keyholders to nominate we also offer this as a service meaning one of our response team is on hand 24 hours a day to a attend your home or business if the alarm goes off.  It’s 100% peace of mind.

We hope this is helpful.  At the end of the day we write these articles for you so please leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought.  If you have any further questions please give us a call or send us an email.  You can find our contact details here.