We all know that when you get burgled, it takes time and money to recover or replace your stolen possessions. But people often forget to acknowledge the mental aftermath of a home invasion.

In our digital age, you may think your worst nightmare is losing your phone or laptop that has all of your important personal and business information stored on it.

But what about the overwhelming wave of fear that floods through your body every time you are alone in your own home? Or the feeling of violation after an outsider has rummaged through your most personal possessions that you hold close to your heart?

The true cost of a home invasion is your sanity.

When home invasion ruins lives

When you wake up from an extremely frightening nightmare, you feel a huge sense of relief to know that you’re actually safe and it was all a dream.

For victims of burglary, there is no waking up from this nightmare.

There are many psychological side-effects that can arise from a burglary. Some of them are:

  • Feelings of mistrust, isolation and fear
  • Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and sleeplessness
  • PTSD-like symptoms and flashbacks, which can be triggered by random events
  • Decrease in socialisation and other aspects of the victim’s lifestyle
  • Lack of confidence and feelings of vulnerability
  • Living in constant fear of a repeat burglary
  • An obsession with home security and locked doors.

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By failing to secure your home, you are essentially welcoming in the nearby criminals. Don’t be a victim, safeguard your home with a burglar alarm.

Sadly, we’ve seen it all before

Believe it or not, many enquiries we receive for burglar alarm installation arise after the victim has already been burgled. We get to see first-hand the collateral mental and physical damage that is left behind.

Home invasion

When we visit and ask why a burglar alarm hadn’t previously been installed within their home, we found some shocking truths.

Many family households don’t feel that they need a burglar alarm because they live in a wealthier or safer area that doesn’t see a lot of crime. Additionally, because the man of the house is always around to make the rest of the family feel safe.

But do they ever think that a burglar would specifically target a wealthier area because they are guaranteed to find expensive items to flog?

And what happens when Dad goes out to work and the burglar targets the stay at home mum with two young children?

On the other hand, single residents and the elderly often say that they didn’t think they would be able to afford a quality home security system.

We get it. Most people are strapped for cash these days – but our systems are quick, easy and affordable to install. Having a burglar alarm will even reduce your insurance premium because the chance of being targeted is that much lower!

The point is, if these home owners had just secured their homes, they would have been saved the suffering and the whole situation would have been avoided.


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The alternative is too frightening to imagine.

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