November – Notorious For Spiked Burglary Rates

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A recent article from BBC News explains a new Police campaign to tackle the spiked burglary rates since the clocks went back last month.

“As the dark nights draw in, police forces across the South East are working together to tackle a three-week “spike” in burglaries which takes place after the clocks go back.”
Read more of the BBC Sussex article here.

This helpful video from Kent Police explains more on the topic, with some useful tips to prevent your home from being targeted over the upcoming winter months.

LV = Home Insurance undertook research last year that explained homes are most at risk of burglary during November. Here is some of the information they found:

  • Police data reveals that most household burglaries occur during November
  • On average, there is a household break-in every 2 minutes during November!
  • Ground floor flats are at high risk of burglaries

Keep your home secure during the day, as well as at night…

Police data reveals that most burglaries take place during the day, specifically between the hours of 11am and 5pm, rather than late at night. This is because your home is more likely to be unoccupied during these hours and targeting your home at night can be a greater risk to intruders.

 Victim reports show the most desired items in your home

Burglary victims explain that electrical items such as cameras and laptops are most commonly taken (41%), followed by cash (33%), jewellery (31%) and gadgets such as phones and tablet devices (15%).

It is proven that the average household cost to replace these stolen goods is approximately £1,730 and the victims very rarely see their goods again!

 “Burglary is still a major problem in the UK. Being burgled can be very unpleasant and more often than not, victims are not reunited with their stolen possessions. In light of this research, we urge all home-owners to review their home security measures to ensure they don’t fall victim to this horrible crime. Keeping doors and windows locked, and making sure your keys and valuables cannot be seen through the windows can help reduce your risk of being burgled.” – Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= home insurance

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