One of the simplest ways to control access to your premises is by the use of swipe cards. CCTV has many advantages, but it does require someone to monitor it. With swipe access cards each individual can open a door without the need for any other intervention.

Furthermore, swipe access cards can be programmed so that certain individuals may have access to certain areas, but not others. This is especially important if you have a large site with a lot of personnel.

Swipe card access systems – control who goes where.

For instance, you may want only your scientists, laboratory staff and directors to have access to your laboratory. It is a simple matter to programme the cards so that no other members of staff can get in.

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Have better control over who comes in and out of your business and which members of staff can access certain areas.


However, you may also need your laboratory cleaned, so you want your cleaners to be able to gain entry, but only when they need to have access. Again, it is a simple matter to set up the system so that they can only get into the laboratory between, say, 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm – but not at any other time.

Swipe access card systems can be used to control one door or hundreds. Some systems can provide or deny access to over one thousand doors and as many as 65,000 different individuals.

Different types of card readers

There are three main different types of card readers. With one you swipe the card through a long narrow slot open at each end. With another, the card is inserted into a slot just big enough to accept the card. A third system, called a proximity reader, only requires the card to be presented to the reader a few inches away from its face. This type of system either has a tiny battery in the card for power, or relies on the receiver for power when the card is a short distance away from it.

Another access control system does away with the need for any wiring normally associated with swipe card systems. In this case the card reader is built into the door handle and the user simply presents the card to the door handle in order to unlock the door.

Optional CCTV integration

Swipe card systems can be integrated with CCTV and other intrusion detection systems. They also do away with the need for employees to “clock on” or “clock off”, since the reader can easily be set to determine the time of entry and exit of any given individual.

In addition, the systems can be programmed so that a report will show who went through a given door and at what time. So, for instance, if company rules prohibit it, the system will discourage an employee from slipping outside for a cigarette when it is not allowed.

Swipe card access systems can be used in many different situations. For example, in a hotel, guests need to feel that their room is secure, yet probably would not want the intrusive feeling of CCTV cameras in the corridors.

Many businesses will have a server room where a high degree of security is essential. A swipe card system can provide the necessary level of security by denying access to intruders.

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