Last year police found the body of Kane Clarke, a burglar who severed his leg after a burglary attempt. The 53 year old man, who died outside the property from extensive blood loss, smashed into the window of a solicitors’ office in Manchester.

A heavy price to pay

More than £13,000 worth of damage was caused during the burglary! A safe and two computers were also stolen.

Unfortunately, this unexpected situation may well have landed the firm of solicitors in a lot of trouble. Although it was not their intention to be burgled, the law firm remains legally responsible for the stolen goods and could potentially face a jail sentence. This is because solicitors are liable, to some degree, for their own data protection.

Breaching section 55 of the D.P.A

There have been multiple cases in the news recently of solicitors and other government bodies breaching the Data Protection Act 1998.

Section 55 of the Data Protection Act (DPA) states that it is generally unlawful for a person to “knowingly or recklessly without the consent of the data controller obtain or disclose personal data or the information contained in personal data, or procure the disclosure to another person of the information contained in personal data.”

The benefits of security systems for solicitors:

  • Bell-box on the outside of the building acts as a visual deterrent
  • Reduce your insurance premiums
  • Safeguard the data you are liable for
  • Prevent being punished for a crime that wasn’t your fault
  • Monitored systems can be acted on instantly if anything is activated

Are you prepared to face a jail sentence? The answer is no and the way to ensure this is to secure your premises with a reliable security system. You are not only at risk of losing valuable material possessions, but also another person’s sensitive information.


It is a shocking truth that there are still many people who don’t understand the necessity of an intruder alarm in their own home, let alone for a business.

We offer bespoke security alarm systems to suit your business. Whether you’re looking for an intruder alarm system that is monitored by our receiving centre or the police, we can deliver it.


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