Jenson Button was burgled in his luxurious holiday home in the South of France a few weeks ago. But thieves are abandoning their ‘old-school’ habits and adopting even scarier techniques…

Jenson Button was burgled and gassed in holiday home

Jenson and his wife, Jessica Michibata, were enjoying a holiday with friends on the French Riviera when they were targeted for the attack. Not only were they robbed of their possessions, they were reportedly gassed before the thieves broke in.
The burglars stole jewellery, including Jessica’s £250,000 engagement ring.

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Is someone keeping an eye on your holiday home?

Out with the old, in with the new

Police are indicating that more and more criminals are gassing their victims through air conditioning vents before they make their move. The most popular gas for burglars to use is nitrous oxide, which is similar to the gas used by dentists during surgeries!

Apparently, this is a common occurrence in the South of France during the summer months. It is believed that criminals know the prime times that wealthy families with expensive belongings will be staying for their summer holiday.

This story is nothing short of unsettling. With modern burglary techniques such as this, home owners need to look at the most up to date home security arrangements.

To avoid the prospect of someone entering your home whilst you and your family are asleep, we would suggest a monitored CCTV system where someone will identify and confront, through a PA system, anyone seen getting too close to the property.

The monitoring station can also call the house owner or police. Remember, all police responses in the UK require a ‘confirmed’ alarm. This means two detectors must have been triggered by someone moving around the house – this reduces false alarm call outs for the police if there is one faulty sensor.

You can also part set security systems so one part of the house (e.g. downstairs) is alarmed while you sleep upstairs. You can have multiple setting options.

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Are you worrying about your holiday home?

You can keep an eye on your holiday home even when you’re not there. Thanks to evolving technology, you can watch your villa (or your home here in the UK when you’re abroad) on your mobile phone, from the comfort of your sofa.

Advanced CCTV systems allow you to keep a watchful eye on your properties from wherever you are on the map.

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