Keep Your Building Safe With Cigarette Smoke Detectors

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Many public building owners may be interested in a cigarette smoke detector that will  catch secret smokers in their hotel rooms and pub toilets.

Although smoking cigarettes (and most e-cigarettes) has been banned in public buildings, that doesn’t always stop some people from having a sneaky cigarette when they think no one is watching.

Keep reading to find out about ionisation smoke detectors. These are the alarm systems you are looking for that are capable of detecting particles as small as cigarette smoke.


Detect secret smokers in your public building with a smoke detector.

Not So Bad In The Summer

Of course, secret smokers are far and few between in the summer months, as it is far more enjoyable to stand outside in the sun. But it is a different kettle of fish at nine o’clock on a blustery winter evening.

Many smokers will try to stand in the door way of the pub or club to avoid fully exposing themselves to the harsh winter wind. Or they may retreat to their warm hotel rooms, light one up and try to cover the smell with some air freshener.

As a result, their cigarette smoke is seeping back into your building, leaving an unsavoury smell and damaging your furniture.

In addition to this, sneaky sixth formers may also try to get away with it in the school toilets!

Is it a “Cigarette smoke detector” that you’re after?

You’ll be surprised to know that there’s no such thing as a “cigarette smoke detector”.

The specific name for the detector that is able to pick up cigarette smoke is an Ionisation Detector.

These alarms are very sensitive to smaller particles of smoke that are created from paper and wood fires.

These advanced fire alarm systems, that also double as a cigarette smoke detector, are ideal for use in places where smokers cannot be seen, such as the toilets in your business premises and can prove very effective in preventing or stopping smoking in places where the law does not allow it.

If you own or operate any sort of building where smoking is banned, it is well worth considering the installation of cigarette smoke detectors, not only for the purpose of preventing breaches of the law, but also for the health and safety of other members of the public.

In addition, if the smoker doesn’t extinguish the fire and your building is set alight, the alarm will sound and everyone can evacuate safely.

Catch Secret Smokers And Save Lives

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