Burglaries In Canterbury Have Hit Shocking Levels, But Why?

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Burglaries in Canterbury are rising by the month…

According to Kent Police figures, burglaries in Canterbury and the surrounding area hit shocking levels in January 2015.

In the year leading up to this (Jan – Dec 2014), there were 682 burglaries altogether. Escalating from between 20 – 40 a month, at the beginning of the year, this particular crime soared to an average of 50 – 60, hitting its peak in January at 107. What is going on in Canterbury?

Even in a small area like Seasalter, a sleepy little village between Faversham and Whitstable, there were seven burglaries in January alone.

It seems that the local thieves are having a field day – and getting away with it.


What is the true cost of burglary? The loss of personal and valuable items, or the sense of vulnerability in your own home?

Figures to alarm Canterbury residents

Overall recorded crime figures in the area for the year totalled 10,231, which is utterly horrific.

Of these, the most figures recorded were for antisocial behaviour, violence and sexual offences. Burglary was fifth on the list, after criminal damage, arson and “other theft”.

Nonetheless, what might shock many people was that police recorded “No further action” in 69.56% of cases!!!

This breaks down as “unable to prosecute suspect” in 1,249 cases, “no suspect identified” in 3,523 cases, and two in which prosecution would “not be in the public interest”.

In other words, if you are a burglar or other kind of criminal in Canterbury, you have less than a one in three chance of getting caught.

What does this mean for Canterbury home & business owners?

With the amount of poor home security measures in Kent, it’s no wonder burglars are having a stealing spree!

Quite simply, it means that if you do not have a burglar alarm and/or other form of security to guard your property you are at a high risk.

Police themselves say that if you have no security you are FIVE TIMES more likely to be burgled than if you have even basic security like window locks and door bolts.

Take Every Precaution Against Burglaries In Canterbury

If you don’t want the heartbreak of arriving home one day to find that your property has been ransacked and your jewellery and precious possessions stolen, you need to take every precaution that you can.

Of course, installing a burglar alarm and security lighting entails a cost, but it is far less than the emotional suffering caused by a burglary.

Remember, most insurance companies will offer a reduced premium if you have proper protection, so over the course of a few years your burglar alarm system will have paid for itself anyway.

In view of the shocking Canterbury burglary rates over the last few months, it is simply not worth taking the risk.

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