Kent crime statistics are now higher than ever and the recent burglary in Sittingbourne High Street emphasises the importance of security for businesses.

Thankfully the owner had a CCTV system to record the criminals in action:

Devastating barber shop burglary in Sittingbourne

Jagged Edge, a barber shop in Sittingbourne High Street, was targeted by two local criminals who used a tool to forcibly open the front door, enter and then steal the cash register.

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The CCTV footage shows a young man who walks up to the front desk and calmly takes the cash register with no attempt to hide his identity.

The business owner, who did not wish to be named, was not only left without his hard earned money, but a £7,000 bill to replace the glass door that was smashed open.

Further footage from another CCTV camera outside the shop confirms that there were three thieves altogether. Two stood in another shop doorway outside and another, who broke into the barber’s shop to retrieve the cash.

The police have confirmed that the footage has been passed on to detectives and that anyone with any information should call 101.

The importance of CCTV for your business

This kind of news story highlights the importance of a reliable CCTV system for your business.

It was a miracle that this small Kent barber shop had multiple cameras to catch and, hopefully, identify the criminals who broke in.

Imagine the alternative outcome? A small local business, stripped of their hard earned money and a much harder task for the police to discover the culprits.

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