“Can we have a burglar alarm if we have pets?”

This is a question that we are often asked, and the short answer is – yes! Pet friendly intruder alarms are designed so that your cats, dogs and other domestic animals won’t set them off when they are moving around your home.

A pet-sensitive burglar alarm can tell the difference between an intruder, your moggy and Harry the hamster – who won’t set it off when he goes for his morning run in his wheel.

Calibrating Pet-Friendly Intruder Alarms

There are three different options available. The first involves calibrating a detector to ignore certain shapes or sizes.

For example, one setting prevents the system from being triggered by the size of the object – less than, say, 40 kg. In other words, unless you own an Irish Wolfhound or a St. Bernard, you are safe.

Ignoring Small Objects

The second option is to calibrate the detector to ignore everything below a certain height. Your moggie or doggie can pass under the “radar” so to speak.

However, this method does have one minor flaw. Cats can jump on top of furniture and budgies can fly. We would suggest putting the budgie back in its cage if you are going out.

As NSI Gold Standard Installers, our job is to take these factors into consideration when fitting the detector, so we’ll figure out the best arrangement and placement for your system.

Dual Technology Detectors

A third possibility is to install dual technology detectors. These have two sensors in them. One detects movement, while the other detects heat. Both sensors are required to be triggered before a signal is sent back to the alarm panel. These detectors are slightly more expensive, but are very useful for people who have pets of different sizes wandering around the home.

So, yes, you can have a burglar alarm system that won’t set off false alarms even though you have pets roaming the home.

Protect your home and your furry friends – got questions?

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