Ensure your alarm is never ignored with 24 hour alarm monitoring

We offer around-the-clock burglar and fire alarm monitoring services to ensure your alarm is heard when help is needed most.

24-hour monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Services

A monitored business or home alarm system guarantees a response to any activation and can be dealt with according to the procedures you put in place. Furthermore, our alarms can be set up with additional police verified response for further levels of security.


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Alarm monitoring can offer peace of mind when absence from your property

We work closely with one of the counties’ leading alarm receiving centres. They employ a team of qualified and highly-experienced professionals who will monitor over your alarm system 24-hours a day.

Should the alarm be triggered, they will be able to act quickly and notify the emergency services who will be able to attend your property. A monitored alarm also helps to reduce the chances of false alarms and wasting the polices time.

Around the clock protection
Peace of mind your property is safe

Ensure your property is safe with alarm monitoring


What are the advantages of alarm monitoring?

Monitored systems can lead to lower home and business insurance premiums.

Monitored home or business alarm systems are never ignored.

If activated, the alarm will call our 24 hr NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre.

What are the different forms of alarm monitoring?

There are 2 main forms of alarm monitoring which include keyholder response or police response.

If you opt for the key holder approach when the alarm is triggered your designated key holder will be called to let them know the alarm has been triggered. They will then be able to attend the property or call the police.

Police response works by notifying the emergency services who will then be able to attend your property and deal with the situation. Our Kent-based team are on hand to answer any further questions you may have about this.

Security Monitoring Kent

Fire alarm monitoring from Guardian Security

Our fire alarm monitoring services allow us to connect your fire system to an alarm receiving centre.

Should the system be triggered, it enables the ARC to call the emergency services within seconds of activation. This can be the difference between life and death.

For more information about our fire alarm monitoring services, please get in touch with us today.

CCTV Monitoring from Guardian Security

With our CCTV monitoring services, a trained professional is watching over your property 24-hours a day.

Should they see any suspicious activity, they can contact either the emergency services or a registered keyholder.

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