Ensure every aspect of your business is protected with our specialist security measures

At Guardian Security, we implement proven and trusted security measures to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Proven deterrents for your business

Stop intruders in their footsteps with our specialist security measures

Physical security is as important and electronic security. Based in Canterbury but working across Kent, we implement a wide range of physical security deterrents to ensure your entire site is safe from intrusion.


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We will ensure your property is safe and secure from the threat of intrusion with a reliable & proven deterrent.

Ensure no one will be able to get into your property with Guardian security

Our experience in working across a variety of industries means that we know what systems work best in each scenario.

At Guardian Security, we install and implement a wide range of specialist security measures such as fog cannons, security bollards, grills and shutters as well as security doors to name but a few.

Quality Systems – Our close connect with manufacturers means that we have access to the best & latest systems
NSI Gold approved installs – You can be confident that your system has been installed to the highest of British Standards
First-class customer service – From the first call, you will be made our top priority and will ensure all of your needs are met to the highest of standards.


Specialist security measures from Guardian Security

As well as installing electronic security devices, we can also install a wide range of physical deterrent such as:

Fog Cannons

When activated, the room is engulfed with smoke meaning the protagonist cannot escape.

Security Bollards

A security bollard blocks the entrance to your site stopping any form of unauthorised access.

Security Doors

At Guardian Security, we install armoured security doors that can be tailored to your specific application.

Grills and shutters

Perfect for retail shops, security grills and shutters are designed to ensure your business is resilient to any sustained attacks.

Security Gates

Controlled via a keyfob, put an end to un-authorised access with the installation of any automatic gate.

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