Control your alarm from anywhere with our smartphone app

Our smartphone app gives you the ability to control your alarm system from anywhere and at anytime.

Unprecedented Control

The quickest and easiest way to set your alarm system

Simple and easy to use, for a small extra cost we can make managing your business’ alarm system easier by enabling our smartphone app.


30 years experience

There are very few security companies in Canterbury with as much experience as us.

Get instant alerts to your phone with our smartphone-controlled alarm systems

With our smartphone app, you can arm and disarm your business’ alarm from anywhere and at anytime. Our app also allows you to set alarm zones, view alerts and also have alerts sent to you to let you know when the system has been disarmed.

Convenience – The app gives you greater control of setting and disarming your business’ alarm system
Easy to use – The app allows you to set alarm zones and view alarms with ease
Instant alerts – Get alerts sent to your phone to let you know when someone has armed or disarmed your system


View your CCTV footage via your smartphone

As well as controlling your alarm system, you can also view your CCTV footage via your smartphone. This means that if you’re not in the office, you can still keep an eye on staff to make sure they’re safe and make sure your business is protected.

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