Revolutionising the way in which you manage footage from your CCTV

Cloud CCTV is one of the biggest advancements in CCTV technology that we have seen in the last decade.

Better for security, better for costs & better for the environment

Cloud CCTV from Guardian Security

Rather than footage captured from your cameras being stored on a server or hard drive, this form of CCTV stores its footage in a cloud format. The benefit here is that you can access footage easily from anywhere and don’t require a dedicated place to store your servers or hard drives.


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Better for security

When footage is stored on a server or hard drive, you run the risk of losing it should it become damaged or corrupted. As the footage is stored within the cloud, it is kept safe and secure and away from these threats.

Another benefit of it being stored on the cloud means that the footage can be accessed from any device and at any time. This makes it easier to manage as well as making it easier to fine-tune your security.

Cloud CCTV Canterbury

Better running costs for your business

Servers for CCTV systems have to run all day and all night. This uses a lot of power and ultimately that can cost a significant amount of money.

There is no need for on-site servers with cloud CCTV which means you don’t have to pay the costs of running servers 24/7.

Reducing your environmental impact

When it comes to saving on power costs, you ultimately save on the effects of energy consumption.

As the government continues to push greener initiatives on businesses, converting to cloud CCTV can really help with lowering your environmental impact. If you would like to know more about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Cloud CCTV Canterbury


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