High-definition cameras that add greater detail to any scene

By upgrading to newer CCTV systems, it will allow you to keep a closer eye on what matters most to you and to never miss a key moment.

CCTV Upgrades from Guardian Security

Our CCTV systems offer exceptional day and night footage

Our CCTV cameras utilise the latest technology allowing you to capture HD footage in the most extreme conditions. Upgrading to a newer CCTV system can also replace the job of multiple systems helping you to save money on maintenance costs.


NSI Gold Approved

As an NSI Gold approved CCTV installer, it means all of our installers are compliant with the latest British and NSI industry standards.

We will only advise you on what CCTV systems are best for you, not what are most expensive

Our team understand that you might be on a limited budget when it comes to security.

We will provide you with honest advice on what CCTV cameras will be best for you, not what are the most expensive. For a FREE quote, please give our team a call.

CCTV Installers Kent

Video analytics allow you to keep up with your busy environments

Upgrading your current CCTV measures offers endless opportunities when it comes to CCTV analytics.

CCTV analytics is a great option for business owners as it allows businesses to gain useful marketing insights, set alarms for visual perimeters as well as identify trespassers from afar.


Our CCTV installers work across the whole of Kent

Our network of installers means that a Guardian engineer is never that far away and ready to help.