Ensure your CCTV measures are in working order 24-7

Our CCTV maintenance programme helps to prolong the life of your system and ensure it’s in working order.

Affordable services you can rely on

CCTV maintenance helps to identify any issues with your system sooner rather than later

Like any security system, at some point your CCTV will need maintenance to make sure that it’s in working order. Working across Kent, we offer an affordable CCTV maintenance programme that ensures your CCTV systems are in working order at all times.


Why choose us?

We care about our reputation and care about doing a good job for our customers.


We will visit your property at scheduled times throughout the year

Routine visits will allow our engineers to identify any issues with your CCTV system that could cause further problems later down the line.

Should they see any issues with your system, they will be able to carry out emergency repairs to ensure your cameras are in working order and keeping you safe.

CCTV Maintenance Kent

Why choose Guardian Fire and Security?

Affordable CCTV maintenance service
Working across the whole of Kent
Over 30 years of experience in the industry

We care about our reputation and care about doing a good job for our customers.

We’re industry leading specialists and we listen to what our clients have to say. We provide an honestly priced CCTV maintenance service that hundreds of businesses rely on. For a FREE quote, please get in touch with us.


We cover the South East of England

We employ a large network of engineers who work across the whole of the South East, which means we will have someone that is never that far away.