Reliable access control solutions for businesses with limited budgets

Standalone access control systems are a perfect solution for those wishing to secure a small number of doors or entrances in their building.


Cost-effective way of managing access to your business

A small office or retail shop is unlikely to make use of all the features that come with a networked access control system. A standalone system is the perfect solution as it will allow them to control access to and from the main entrances as well as a small number of doors in their building.


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The simplest way of securing your property from unauthorised access

Looking to step up your security but are limited by budget? A standalone access control system is a cost-effective solution that keeps your building, staff and assets safe.

A standalone system uses one or 2 units that are wired directly onto the door panel to control access to a specific door. As there is no need to control access across your entire building, you will not need a PC networked, which will also help you save money. Keycards and tokens will then be used to gain access to and from the building.

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