Use your smartphone, tablet and wearable devices as your access credentials

Increase security within your building and make managing access easier with mobile access control from Guardian Security.


What is mobile access control?

Rather than using a keycard or fob, this form of access control allows staff to use their mobile, tablet or wearable device to gain access to rooms throughout your building. This type of system is more than just a gimmick and offers many features such as increased security, easier to manage, more convenience for staff and so on.


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Peace of mind the correct person has right credentials

When a keycard or fob is used to gain access to a room, there is the possibility that the incorrect person has used it.

As we don’t tend to lend out our phones or tablets, you can be confident that with a mobile access control system it is the correct person gaining access at all times.

Mobile Access Control Canterbury

Financial and environmental benefits for your business

Issuing new keycards/fobs when they are misplaced, or when you have visitors, can become costly over time. With a mobile access control system, you don’t have these issues meaning the money you save on issuing new cards can be used on something else.

Every business also has environmental responsibilities and the reduced waste from issuing new keycards will make a real difference over time. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch.

Making it easier for people to use and manage

Many businesses have been there before, they have a new employee who requires a keycard or visitor pass so that they can access areas throughout the building.

Before the new starter joins the company, you can email them before hand on how to set up their phone ready so it can be used as their credentials. As their credentials are stored within an access control app, permissions can easily be controlled with just a tap of a button.

Mobile Access Control Canterbury


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