Reduce security threats and protect areas of your building from visitors

Door entry systems allow you to restrict areas of your building and also get either a visual or audio verification of who is trying to gain entry.


Superior equipment that puts you in control

Whilst you may want areas of your building to be freely accessible, there may be areas you would like to restrict from the general public or certain members of staff. A door entry system is the perfect solution as they help to improve day-to-day security as well as ensure only authorised people can get in and out.


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Get a visual verification of who is trying to gain entry to your property with a video door entry system

A video entry system is one of the most advanced forms of a door entry system. If someone is trying to gain access to your building but doesn’t have a keycard, you will be able to see who they are before you can grant them access.

These types of systems will be perfect for areas of high importance such as front entrances and delivery drop offs. If you would like to know more about this type of system, please get in touch.

Door Entry Systems Ashford
Door Entry Systems Ashford

An audio entry system is a simplistic alternative to a video entry solution

Within a smaller office or shop, you may not require all the features that come with a video door entry system. An audio system may be the perfect alternative for you.

The person who may be trying to gain entry to your property, or certain room in your building, must state who they are before then can be granted access.


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