Manage access to and from your business efficiently with access control

Put a stop to unauthorised access with the installation of our state-of-the-art and intuitive access control systems.

Smart solutions for your business

Access control for your business

At Guardian Security, we can revolutionise how you manage access throughout your building with the installation of a bespoke access control system. Monitor, manage and restrict access easily throughout your complete building, or on-the-go with a companion app on your smartphone.


Simple and easy to use

Proven to keep out unwanted access

Can be expanded over time

Perfect for all sizes of businesses

Smart access control solutions for your business

Traditional keys pose a serious flaw in the security of your business making it susceptible to unauthorised access and theft if caught in the wrong hands.

We specialise in the installation of access control for businesses no matter the size or budget requirements. From a simple keypad on one door to a networked system across an entire site, we have the people, knowledge and resources to provide a modern, cutting-edge solution to access control.

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Access Control Maintenance

Our regular service and maintenance intervals will ensure your system is in working order

Networked Access Control

Networked access control allows you to control access across your entire building.

Standalone Access Control

Networked access control is a cost-effective way of managing access to your business

Mobile Access Control

Use your mobile phone as your mobile credentials with a mobile access control system.

Door Entry

Get a visual or audible verification of who may be trying to gain access to your building.

What are the advantages of access control?

Complete control

Access control offers better control of who comes in and out of your property.

Keyless entry

Keyless entry allows you to easily give access to staff and even visitors on timed basis.

Audit trails

Keep a record of who has been in and out of your building using monitoring software.

Solid & Secure

Access control can also act as a deterrent, demonstrating you’re taking security seriously.

Provide access by proximity cards, keypad or even through smartphone

We implement a wide range of different access control systems for businesses across Kent. Upon conducting a survey, we will provide you with honest and unbiased advice on what system is best for your requirements.

We offer non-intrusive visits and will schedule our installation at a time that best suits you and your business. For a FREE site survey, please get in touch with our Kent team today.

Access Control Kent
Access Control Kent

What we offer:

FREE SURVEY to assess your business and put forward a detailed proposal
Bespoke systems and solutions to fit all budgets
Wired or Wireless installations by experienced fitters
24-hour, 365 days a year call-out cover
4-hour response times
Short lead times for installation

Free Survey and Quotation

Call us now to book a visit from one of our experienced surveyors. They will come to your premises free of charge to assess the property and talk to you in person about your requirements. This will quickly be followed up by a clear but detailed quotation to complete the necessary work.