Keep your property safe and secure from intrusion with an alarm system from Guardian

At Guardian Security, our alarm installers have installed thousands of alarms over the last 3 decades.


Be safe and be secure with a Guardian alarm system

An alarm from Guardian is a reliable and proven deterrent to crime. Ensure your home or business is protected with one of our reliable, intuitive and state-of-the-art alarms. Our alarm installers ensure every system is installed in accordance with the latest NSI Gold and EN 50131 standards. This means you can rest assured that your system has been correctly installed and you’re protected.

Why choose our alarm installers?

NSI Gold approved
Competent and trustworthy
Unrivalled knowledge of the industry

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Alarm services from Guardian Security

Working across Kent in areas such as Dover, we offer a wide range of services which include:

Alarm Installs

Ensure your business or home is protected with an intruder alarm designed and installed by us.

Ensure your alarm is in working order at all times with our routine alarm maintenance visits.

Alarm Monitoring

Ensure your property is being watched over 24-hours a day with our alarm monitoring services.

We will takeover your alarm system and provide you with annual maintenance and servicing.


Our alarms installers are reliable, experienced and will give you honest advice on what system is best for you

3 decades of experience
NSI Gold approved
Competent and reliable

Every property is different and will require different levels of security. Our alarm installers will walk you through the various systems they install and provide you with unbiased and honest advice on what alarm best meets your security requirements.

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Smart Alarms Dover


Control your system from anywhere with smartphone app

Our smartphone app opens a new world of possibilities of controlling your alarm system. Working in conjunction with one of our smart alarms, the app allows you to arm and disarm your system from anywhere and at any time via the comfort of your phone.

Furthermore, you can have alerts sent to your phone to let you know if someone else has armed or disarmed your system.

Our team are ready to take your call

We have alarm installers based across the whole of Kent in areas such as Dover.